2019 NAV-X #1 - Wildcat - Results


2019 NAV-X #1 - Wildcat - Results

We kicked off the 2019 season with a wet & muddy day in the East Bay hills, searching for a whopping 56 set controls. Despite the conditions we had 121 brave participants come out and compete on a slippery course. A lot of you came back soaking wet, covered in mud…with smiles on your faces! We had a lot of the usual suspects in attendance, with a lot of new competitors, who impressed.


We tried to take some pictures at the start, as well as all of our top finishers. Follow this link to a google photos gallery.

The 2hr course saw some solid showings, with many of you clearing 1400 points! Greg Khanlarov eeked out top overall with a score of 1480, and Daniel Sebo continued his strong performances with a second overall score of 1450. We had a lot of newbies taking part in the 2hr event, including several friend groups and families who started the day learning how to use a compass and topo map, then finished it strong with bagged controls.

We saw a lot of strong competitors on the 4hr course, with the top four competitors clearing more than 2000 points. Kyle Halliday led the pack with an impressive 2300 points.


Highest Scores on the 4hr Course:

  • 2300 Kyle Halliday

  • 2230 Marc Triquell

  • 2190 Paddy O’Leary

  • 2130 Lubomir Sebo

  • 1900 Mats Jansson

Highest Scores on the 2hr Course:

  • 1480 Greg Khanlarov

  • 1450 Daniel Sebo

  • 1400 Riley Culberg

  • 1310 Lori Huberman (Presto!)

  • 1280 Jeffrey Goodwin & Ryan Booth (The Leftovers)

A huge thanks to the following people (in no particular order) without whom this event would not have been possible:

  • Vicki Woolworth - Permits, Course Design & Setting, Event Setup, Breakdown, Course Pickup

  • Bill Cusworth - Registration, Event Setup, Course Pickup

  • Mats Jansson - Event Setup & Breakdown

  • Dennis Wilkinson - Course Setup & Pickup

  • Andrew Peterson - Event Director, Course Pickup

  • Bob Cooley - Map printing

  • Misha Kreslavsky - Course Pickup

  • Jay Hann - Course Pickup

  • George Minarik - Equipment transfer

Jay Hann of Western Race Services provided ePunch and live results services.  Barking Frogs provided head gear for the raffle.  Adventure Medical Kits provided blister medkits, medical kits, and bivvy sacks for the raffle.  We also had great support from Sergio Huerta (Tilden), Patrick McIntyre (Wildcat) of the East Bay Regional Park District.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first event of 2019! It was great to see so many familiar faces, as well as new ones. Please spread the word, so we can continue to grow navigation sports in the Bay Area.

Andrew & The NAV-X Team