The Nav- X Challenges are located in some of Northern California’s most beautiful terrain.  Each map trekking event offers a unique opportunity to explore off-trail, find adventure, and test your navigation skills.

About Nav-X

Map Trekking is a sport based on the use of a map and compass.  Using only the map and compass, how many “checkpoints” can you, or you and your team find?  The checkpoints vary in navigational difficulty and point value - it’s up to you to decide which you want to find.  Whether you treat our events as a family hike or as an extreme endurance test is up to you. This is your adventure!  


The Nav-X Series is a year-long competition in which participants can accumulate points. Every team is automatically included in the competition and is eligible to win.


The checkpoints are circled on a topographic map. Your goal is to find as many as you can within your chosen time limit using only the map provided, a compass, and a watch. You will receive the map before the race start (usually an hour before), so that you (and your team if you have one) can plan which checkpoints you wish to visit and the route you’ll take to get there. Your team will need to stay together at all times. When planning your route, remember that checkpoints have varying point values. All points are rounded down to the tens. For example, checkpoint 39 is worth 30 points, and checkpoint 103 is worth 100 points. Collect the most points to win!

Please head to our Rules page for a complete set of event rules.


We all love gear right?  Here is the minimum gear you will need to take part in a Nav-X Challenge (we will also rent most of these items at each event):

  • compass (available for rent)
  • SI Stick (available for rent)
  • sturdy shoes