Thank you to all of our participants who took part in our Pacheco NAV-X Challenge!  We had another beautiful day to tackle a challenging course set by Dennis Wilkinson.  Thanks to BAOC for co-producing this event.  An extended Indian Summer provided about 50 participants with beautiful weather.

Results Highlights:

Overall highest scores on the 3 hr course:

  1. Jiri Hruska (Czech) - 1,740 points
  2. Tapio Karras (BAOC) - 1,540 points
  3. Tommy Ingulfsen (BAOC) - 1,520 points

;interesting to note that the top two spots held by Masters runners (50+ years old) - "old guys rule" comes to mind.

On the 6 hr course, the Sebo family cleaned up (and walked off with a truck load of chocolate)!  Top three were:

  1. Matej Sebo (BAOC) - 2,960 points
  2. Lubomir Sebo (BAOC) - 2,460 points
  3. Aron Walker (BAOC) - 2,430 points

;Matej must like this place - he won the 6 hr rogaine here 2 years ago also.

This event would not have been possible were it not for the following volunteers:

  • Jay Hann - ePunch and results and control pickup
  • Rex Winterbottom - Food/awards shopping, registration and control pickup
  • Vicki Woolworth - Control pickup
  • Mats Jansson - Equipment and control pickup

And lastly, wanted to recognize Betty Wong from the state park, who graciously offered to drive us out to the water stops, as well as taking control picker uppers to their start locations.

Please find the detailed full posted results below (click on the results you would like to view).  Please let us know if you find any discrepancies of problems at

3H results

6h results