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What is Adventure Running?

Adventure Running is a “Navigation Sport” that has elements of a few other sports and activities like Trail Running, Fell Running (XC hill running), Hiking, Orienteering and Geo Caching.  Adventure Running is a distance based trail race, where you will need to use a map and compass to stay on course, no flagging to guide you. The navigation is not difficult, with courses sticking primarily to trails, but expect some short excursions off trail to snag a checkpoint. There will be checkpoints guiding you from start to finish, and you will use a finger chip to electronically punch each checkpoint to prove you covered the full course. There may be a few route choice options, so understanding the map will be important…and if you really want to challenge yourself, maybe going off trail will prove the quickest route at times? If you feel like you may need a little extra help while out on the course, feel free to bring along an optional GPS app (Gaia, Avenza, Google Maps, etc…).

In short, Adventure Running is “Trail Running with a Twist” for adventurous runners.

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