2017 NAV-X #1 Harvey Bear - Results


2017 NAV-X #1 Harvey Bear - Results

What the hail! Sure, they forecasted showers, but it didn’t occur to me that it would be something other than nice soft rain. The 17 x 22 inch map was not only beautiful and detailed, but it also came in handy for protection from the elements.

1064 amazingly tough people ventured out into the wilds of Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear County Park in this weather to find the controls set by master course setter Lubomir Sebo. Would anyone find all 43 controls for 2500 points and still get back on time? Mark Prior came close, and it was great to see teams of all ages, including families, giving it their best shot. Check out the photo album on facebook.

Jay Hann of Western Race Services provided not only epunch and results services, but also set up heaters under a big canopy when the wet and cold adventurers returned. We are also grateful to the Bay Area Orienteering Club, our co-sponsor, for the use of their map, equipment and other support.

Glad to see you all out there, and we’re hoping for better weather at the next event, which is at Camp Tamarancho near Fairfax (North Bay) on April 23.  We hope to see you there!


Results Highlights

Highest scores on the 2 hr course:

  • Tapio Karras (BAOC) - 1,220 points
  • Takashi Sugiyama (BAOC) - 1050 points
  • Paul Ort (BAOC) - 900 points
  • Lori Huberman (BAOC) - 890 points

Top four on the 4 hr course:

  • Mark Prior (SDO) - 2,270 points
  • Roy Malone (GCO) - 1,940 points
  • Charles Triponez (None) - 1,830 points
  • Kim van Berkel (BAOC) - 1,680 points

This was also our first event with a Family division, and there was a real fight for the podium there.

Top three in the Family division (2 hr):

  • De Vre family (Roosje, Tom, Jonas, Marie) - 610 points (slight time advantage)
  • Laenens family (Inge, Bart, Komeel, Marthe) - 610 points
  • Keane family (Mareese, David) - 570 points

Because we had such good family turnout, we are tweaking future courses a bit to make them even more suitable for family participation (a few more checkpoints closer by).  Tell your friends!

We would like to thank the following volunteers:

  • Bob Cooley (BAOC) - Map printing
  • Bill and Heidi Cusworth - Registration, results
  • Peter Graube - Control pickup
  • Jay Hann (Western Race Services) - ePunch, heaters, shelter and results
  • Mats Jansson – Registration, equipment, setup, takedown and control pickup
  • Marina Keating  (BAOC) - Insurance
  • Andrew Peterson - Web site
  • Lubomir Sebo – Course designer, control setter and control pick up
  • Matej Sebo - Mapper, control setter
  • Daniel Sebo - Setup, takedown, control pickup

Thanks also go to the Santa Clara County Parks, especially Ranger Ali Famalett

Vicki Woolworth - Event director