Thank you for participating in the Go Wild! Red Rock 3hr, 6hr!

3hr Results

6hr Results

Check out this cool video from The French Team's run at Red Rock Canyon

Top Results on the 3 hr course:

1. Jeremy Colgan - 1,020 points

2. Vladimir Gusiatnikov - 935 points

3. Aleksey Sabunin - 855 points

Top Results on the 6 hr course:

1. Dennis Wilkinson - 1,750 points

2. Lubomir Sebo - 1,710 points

3. Mats Jansson & Benjamin DeWitt (Atlas Trail Series) - 1,590 points


50 MPH winds Thursday = checkpoint trouble

Very sorry about the checkpoint markers that blew over and the bags that got ripped off the stands - I am missing a few bags now. Little did I know, between the 2 calm weekends, a 50 MPH windy day happened on Thursday, wreaking havoc on many of your checkpoints. I am impressed with your fortitude and determination in finding them, and apologize for any wasted time. If I had known about Thursday before you started, I would have mentioned the possibility of flattened checkpoints in the “pre game speech.” If they were all standing proud, Dennis Wilkinson and perhaps a few others would have cleared the course, and probably closer to 5 hours.

Since I set most of the checkpoints the weekend before, and I know about the wind that can kick up, most bags were purposefully not dangling. Having them tied up and anchoring them in the bushes does 3 things: 1. There is soil the stand can penetrate - everywhere else the ground is too hard. 2. It helps guard against the wind yanking them, but 50 MPH might be too much to prepare for. 3. It reduces visibility from far away, so stray hikers and fat-bikers (I saw some roaming around) are less likely to get curious and yank them; this happened to 2 checkpoints at our Nav-X High Sierra event last summer. I could have said more about this in the pre-game speech. Like #141 which was purposefully flat so passers-by would not come up and pluck it.

Dangerous Hummus

I hope you are all okay, if you ate the hummus. Costco called me today and reported there is a recall on the hummus I bought Saturday night. If you took some home, you are supposed to dispose of it. No cases have been confirmed, but Listeria bacteria was found somewhere in the manufacturing facility, and Sabra (which makes the Hummus for the Kirkland brand) wants to be extra cautious.

Please let us know if you find any discrepancies or problems at