• GWG7+J2 Rancho Murieta, California

2019 NAV-X Adventure Run @ DEER CREEK HILLS



  • Date: Sunday, May 19th, 2019

  • Location: Deer Creek Hills

  • Event Director: Vicki Woolworth (contact)

  • Course Director: Mats Jansson

  • Courses: 15 & 25km Adventure Run

    If you're looking for more advanced navigation, and more off trail running/trekking, check out our Map Trek Event (same place and date)

List of Registered Entrants

Follow this link to an updated list of entrants.

Event Summary

The 2nd Adventure Run of the season brings us to the oak studded hills and prairie of Deer Creek Hills Preserve, just north of Rancho Murieta, CA. This is a trail run like no other - navigate the course using old school trail map or new school app. Shortcut off trail for advantage, it's all part of the fun. Electronic timing and live results. The event will be held in the expansive and wild preserve just North of Rancho Murieta, 30 minutes East of Sacramento. This is a park with very limited access to the public - seize the opportunity to experience it! This is a unique opportunity to do a trail run in a place that to our knowledge has never had an organized event.


Time Long Course - 25km Short Course - 15km
8:00 Event Check-in (and Day of Event Registration)
8:45 Event Briefing
9:00 Mass Start
11:00 Awards
12:00 Awards
14:00 Courses Closed

New to Adventure Running?

Adventure Running is a “Navigation Sport” that has elements of a few other sports and activities like Trail Running, Fell Running (XC hill running), Hiking, Orienteering and Geo Caching.  Adventure Running is a distance based trail race, where you will need to use a map and compass to stay on course, no flagging to guide you. The navigation is not difficult, with courses sticking primarily to trails, but expect some short excursions off trail to snag a checkpoint. There will be checkpoints guiding you from start to finish, and you will use a finger chip to electronically punch each checkpoint to prove you covered the full course. There may be a few route choice options, so understanding the map will be important…and if you really want to challenge yourself, maybe going off trail will prove the quickest route at times? If you feel like you may need a little extra help while out on the course, feel free to bring along an optional GPS app (Gaia, Avenza, Google Maps, etc…).

In short, Adventure Running is “Trail Running with a Twist” for adventurous runners.

Venue / Park Info

Deer Creek Hills' 4,500 acres of rolling grasslands and oak woodland preserves the heritage of working ranches and provides endless opportunities for public recreation. The oaks and grasslands also provide habitat for approximately 170 species of birds, 105 mammal species, 58 amphibians and reptiles, and an estimated 5,000 kinds of insects.

The town of Michigan Bar numbered about 15,000 people during the Gold Rush period. The town site (near the Deer Creek Hills Preserve) now hosts only a few stone chimneys. Evidence of small mining operations abounds on the preserve. Basque sheep ranchers ran their livestock here in the 1800’s.

The landscape around you is a typical, extremely scenic low foothill California landscape. The native blue oaks provide important cover for deer, coyotes, bobcats, burrowing owls, mountain lions between the valley and the mountains. Hawks, falcons, eagles, kites, owls, red-winged blackbirds, acorn and Lewis’ woodpeckers abound here.

The preserve is managed by the Sacramento Valley Conservancy.

About the Map

The map was first created in 2016 and then improved for the 2018 California Orienteering Week. The map was produced by the Gold Country Orienteers, enlisting the help of Bill Cusworth. The map S part of the map does NOT include orienteering level detail, but the contours are derived from LIDAR so they are quite accurate. The North side is very detailed and accurate. There was a fire in 2017 that is still recovering, so a small portion of the South area will be out-of-bounds and marked so on the map. The preserve is grazed, so many smaller animal trails may not be on the map, and change from year to year. Map scale is 1:15,000, meaning that 1 cm on the map is 150 m in the terrain. The contour interval (elevation between two contour lines) is 2.5 m (~8 ft).

The terrain is similar to the open terrain at Pacheco, except it is less steep. It is very runnable, and the ability to climb hills will not be the determining factor at this event. There are rock features all over, most of which will not be mapped in the Southern part. Large rock features will be mapped, and used for control locations. It is quite open with typical coastal range oak studded hills. Creeks, ponds and vernal pools will likely have water in them. We will provide water out on the course in one or two locations.

Courses & Divisions

There will be two courses offered:

  • 15km Adventure Run

  • 25km Adventure Run

Participants can compete in the following divisions:

  • Open Female

  • Open Male


Early fees (20% off) through March 24th (via online registration). Regular fee is March 25th - May 15th (via online registration). Day of Event Registration is cash or check only.

50% discount for Juniors (already calculated in the table below).

Use of e-stick is included in the fee ($0 rental fee in the registration process).

Additional fee to rent a compass ($2).

Early Registration Regular Registration Day of Event Registration
Course Length 15km 25km 15km 25km 15km 25km
Junior (19 & Under) $16 $23 $18 $25 $20 $28
Adult (20+) $28 $40 $32 $45 $35 $50

Refund Policy

Refund policy: 100% refund up to 10 days before event. Future race credit 1-9 days before event. No refunds for no-show.

What to Bring

Wear what you would normally wear for a strenuous run in Northern California.  Here are some tips:

  • Sturdy shoes with a good tread

  • Long pants or gaiters

  • Visor hat

  • Compass (you may rent one for $2)

  • ePunch (SI stick with 50 control capacity - you may rent one for $5 if you don’t have one)

  • Pen and maybe a highlighter marker (for marking up your map and making notes)

  • Water (enough for the time you will be out on the course)

  • On the go snacks (energy bar, gel, etc.)

Map and Directions


From Sacramento:

Take Hwy 50 to Bradshaw Exit, turn right (South) onto Bradshaw, turn left (East) onto Jackson Rd (Hwy 16), continue East, past Slough House, turn left (North) onto Latrobe Rd. Proceed about 1/2 mile east on the dirt portion of Latrobe Road, until you arrive at the corral parking area, where you will see our event flags.

From Folsom:

Take Hwy 50 to Scott Rd. Exit, turn left (South) onto Scott Rd., turn right (West) onto White Rock Rd., turn left (South) onto Scott Rd., turn left (East) onto Latrobe Rd. From Rancho Cordova – Take Jackson Rd (Hwy 16) east, turn left (North) onto Latrobe Rd. Proceed about 1/2 mile east on the dirt portion of Latrobe Road, until you arrive at the corral parking area, where you will see our event flags.

From Elk Grove:

Take Grant Line Road to Jackson Rd (Hwy 16), turn left (North) onto Latrobe Rd. Proceed about 1/2 mile east on the dirt portion of Latrobe Road, until you arrive at the corral parking area, where you will see our event flags.