Thank you for registering using the EventRegister system administered by Orienteering USA (OUSA)

Even if you are part of a team, each person needs to register separately.  Your age for determining categories and pricing is defined as your age at the beginning of the year.  This will ensure that you are entered in the same category for the whole season. 

Registration HINTS:

Page 1

If you are an OUSA member, you can retrieve your personal contact info to fill out the form or if you are not a member, click" Non-member". 

Page 2

You enter your personal info as a non-member on the second page.  The "club" field pertains to any local Orienteering club; it will also appear in the event results.  Choose "none" if you are not a member.  Timing is done with electronic punching - click on "rental" if you don't own an e-punch (timing) unit.  NOTE: Teams are only required to use one e-punch.  Subsequent team members should enter "0" in the e-punch number field and leave the rental box unchecked so that you are not charged for a rental (or if you own, which e-punch should be used for your team).

page 3

Find your course (2-hr vs 4-hr) and use the pull-down list to choose your category.  If you are a member of an orienteering club, please choose the race entry with club member discount.  Discounts are $4/adult and $2/junior.  There is no additional discount for OUSA federation membership (even though this information is requested in the contact details).

Please choose only one category on one course and leave the rest as "Not Competing". 

All members of a team should enter the same category.

Page 4

You can choose to rent a compass, provide an emergency contact, and provide team details.  If you are registering as a team, please give your team name (if you can't think of a team name, just use your last names).  Be sure that all members of a team use the same team name so that we can match up the entries.  In order to be eligible for Junior or Masters categories, all members of a team must be under 20 (Junior) or 50+ (Masters) as of Jan 1, 2017. 

Page 5

Confirm your details.

Page 6

Please don't send waivers by mail, use the online waiver provided. 

Page 7

We accept payments using PayPal, the online payment system.  NOTE: you CAN pay with a credit card through PayPal.  Checks will NOT be accepted for pre-entry (even though this option is shown).  Checks will be accepted day of event but at the higher day of event fees (see below).  You will also have the option to register others and pay for multiple entries with one PayPal charge.

Refund Policy

Refund policy: 100% refund up to 10 days before event. Future race credit 1-9 days before event. No refunds for no-show.

Day of event fees

If you choose to register in person on the day of the event, the fees will be:

  • 2 HR = $30/adult, $15/junior;

  • 3 HR = $40/adult, $20/junior;

  • 4 HR = $50/adult, $25/junior;

  • 5 HR = $60/adult, $30/junior;

  • 6 HR = $65/adult, $33/junior;

  • 8 HR = $80/adult, $40/junior.

There is no club discount for day of event entries.

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