Thank you to all of our participants who took part in our Deer Creek Hills NAV-X Challenge on Nov 6, 2016!  After a number of rainy days which softened the ground and caused new growth, 83 participants were treated to perfect running weather on a challenging course set by Heidi Cusworth.  Skies were overcast most of the morning keeping the temperatures down.  This was the first time this venue was used for a navigation sport event and I'm happy to report that everything went superbly.  Everyone enjoyed a new map in fantastic new terrain and were treated to a brand new high tech results display from Jay Hann of Western Race Services.  Thanks also to Gold Country Orienteers for co-producing this event and to Bay Area Orienteering Club for providing all the control stations, bags and stands.


Results Highlights

Overall highest scores on the 2 hr course:
Rex Winterbottom (BAOC/Terraloco) - 1,400 points
Paul Ort (BAOC) - 1,340 points
Tapio Karras (BAOC) - 1,220 points

On the 4 hr course, the top three were:
Aron Walker (BAOC) - 2,350 points
Huon Wilson (BAOC) - 2,320 points (1.5 min faster)
Lubomir Sebo (BAOC) - 2,320 points

We would like to thank the following volunteers:
Mats Jansson – Registration, equipment, setup, takedown, control setting and control pickup
Jay Hann - ePunch and results
Heidi Cusworth – Course designer and food planner
Jonas Libell – Parking and new participant instruction
Rex Winterbottom - Food/awards shopping
Greg Favor- Control pickup
Jialing Chen and Keying Yu – Control pickup 
Ginny Laforme and Eric Robinson - Results display setup

And lastly, we wanted to recognize Fred Tracy from Sacramento Valley Conservancy (land managers), who was on site with us all during the event (over 10 hrs) and Saturday when we were putting out the control markers (9 hrs).   He also graciously offered to drive us out to the water stop on Saturday and picked up the leftover water on his own while we were picking up control markers.  Fred was onsite with us in order to satisfy the requirements of the Sacramento Valley Conservancy's safety and operational policies.

Next on the Nav-X schedule is NAV-X #6 in collaboration with terraloco - Go Wild! Red Rock Canyon at Red Rock Canyon State Park near Mojave, CA.  This is also the season finale for the NAV-X Challenge Map Trekking Race Series.

Bill Cusworth
Event director, course setter, and mapper

Please find the detailed full posted results below (click on the results you would like to view).  Please let us know if you find any discrepancies or problems at

2H results

4h results